Video games, harmless fun or brewing Addiction?

My boy is not a video game or a video game, he wants the Nintendo, Sony and the Xbox and he wishes that all the games that go with it. He also wants access to the computer so that it can play games on the computer as well. It is as if it is plugged in these games, all the time, at least, he would like to be if allowed. Video games are big business, with more than 13 billion spent each year on video and computer games. This suggests that many game is going. New versions of games are awaited with impatience by players and many are ready to stand in line for a day or two to enter in possession of a new system or spend hours in a new version of hunting. Undoubtedly, video games are attractive toys, particularly for boys.

No doubt, parents have been affected for a long period on the nature takes many video games. Hours spent in front of a screen, in the dark if possible "cannot be in good health" for a child. The encouragement of play or more traditional game or same go outside and play is something that a boy of the electronic age has heard in response to his desire to play electronic games. But is there a danger any in video games? It is possible to overprotecting them any activity, even bills. Exercise excessively and that we certainly eat too much where it is no doubt possible to play video games in excess, can sleep too. But it may be difficult to define the excesses. Obviously, three to four hours per day every day would be considered as excessive by the majority, but what is three to four hours on weekends? Should we have it only if they are played directly through or even if there are significant chunks of time between sessions? Is excessive if there is not demonstrative impact on the child and its behavior, attitudes and performance? There is also variability in children to consider, some will be more easily affected by game than others.

There is more increasingly clear that video games can be good and bad. Video games can teach certain skills such as cooperation, strategy and team building as well as some exposure to the technology that is ubiquitous in today's world. The new Wii shows some benefits in terms of physical activity and is used by some of physiotherapists. A Google search on the benefits of video games and you will find articles deemed to be discussing the benefits of video games. But the dangers are there as well. There is no doubt and well documented, that the TV violence affects of violence among children. While there is little research in the link between video games and violence, the possible link lower than it is to listen to the television? A game in which your character engages in violence must be as influential TV. But the dangers appear to go beyond the potential influence that these games may have on the character.

A recent Stanford University study has shown that the brains of men responded to more than the brain of females playing video games, and that increased brain activity was at the Centre of pleasure in the brain. While the number of participants is small (less), this type of research shows that games have an impact of the brain. Other researchers are suggesting that the games affect the development of the brain for the negative and the too much time before a screen makes it more easy entertaining children and increases the difficulty that they still remaining. The diagnosis ever-increasing disorders as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may suggest that the number of hours of exciting objects may be compromising the ability of our children to be attentive and occupy themselves quietly. Video games will only add to this problem. And there is the question of the dependence of the video game.

While the American Medical Association has decided that there is not enough evidence to declare video excessive, addictive game, it is only because of a lack of sufficient research. There are many who believe in time, excessive video games will be a recognized disorder. There are clinics that are beginning to offer games addiction treatment and support groups began to form to deal with the issue. Addiction appears to occur more often with games related on line communities.
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Playstation 2 [PS2]

These games are based on the development of characters. These characters may develop capabilities and skills so that accumulation of weapons and other items of assets that are valuable in the world of the game. The development of these characters takes several hours to develop and make the game very exciting. Combined with the opportunity to interact with others, these games online forms a type of alternate world in which much to escape. There have been recent stories of divorces, health problems, neglects the child and even death associated with these games in particular. Is your child hooked? Ask yourself the following questions-

Does your child:

o play almost every day?

o play often for long periods (more than 3-4 hours time)?

o play for excitement?

o have restless and irritable, if they can not play?

o sacrificing social and sporting activities?

o play instead of doing their homework?

o, try to reduce their game but can't?

o game of increasing amounts of time?

o reflection on gaming during other activities?

o game to escape to real problems, anxiety or depression?

o lie to friends and family to hide games?

o feel irritable in trying to reduce the game?

Answering Yes to four or more of these questions, it suggests that there may be a problem. If there is a problem what can you do about it? Here are some resources to get your has started to deal with your loved ones of the potential problem.

1 Tips for video games under control

National Institute on media and the family

Taming the Tiger of video game

2 Computer addiction services

McLean Hospital
115 Mill Street
Belmont, MA 02478
Telephone: 617-855-2908
Call or write a local reference

3 Centre Internet Addiction Recovery
(Go to: www .netaddiction .com)

Lists of resources and assistance for a variety of addictive behaviour online

4. Talk to your doctor about your concern.

Troy L. Parrish MA LCPC is a therapist in private practice in Columbia, MD. As the owner and editor of the behaviour of the boys, he is interested in promoting the appreciation of the boys as unique, different from girls. As such, they should be encouraged in the development of their masculinity than have formed them. You can read more about the dependence of game video and other issues specifically with boys, behavior and parenting to encourage reading and spirituality. Visit we always give something for free, and we would like to hear from you.

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