A shadowy corruption spreads across the planets of a strange alien galaxy, where only the most intelligently designed heroes will be fit to survive. Darkspore is a party-based, isometric action/RPG with recombinant combat abilities and collectable genetic upgrades. Players guide squads of three warriors across dangerous alien worlds, battling an ever-changing enemy. Each hero character begins with a genetic special ability. Individual powers and limitations encourage teamwork. Through a Spore-like "Creature Editor" interface, players customize characters' appearances and abilities by selecting from a collection of genetic components.
New attribute-granting parts are gained by completing quests or defeating creatures that possess them. Away from the adventure, players can compete in online matches. The game's story reveals that the Darkspore, a sentient entity with a nearly unlimited capacity to mutate, corrupt, and consume, was accidentally created by a race called the Crogenitors, as they pursued a line of advanced genetic research with enormous potential for good. The Darkspore quickly expanded and adapted, conquering the Crogenitors and every other life-sustaining planet in the galaxy. The game begins 1,000 years later, as a refugee Crogenitor is awoken from hypersleep aboard his spaceship. He learns that the results of his race's ancient research project have finally been computed. As he finds warriors brave enough to join his insurgency against the Darkspore, he can use this new technology to grant them extraordinary powers and abilities.

~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide

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