Eat your Fruits and vegetables and play video games

The ongoing battle of the games are good or bad? war plays with a recent article in the Magazine discover that examines the growing number of research, which suggests that video games exercise the spirit similar to how physical activity exercises the body.

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as the hole in the lock or palliative surgery surgery, is to manipulate the controls/throttles to control fiber-optic camera and surgical instruments to perform the minimally invasive surgery with only tiny incisions in the body of persons. Laparoscopic surgery has existed for several years now, but doctors have started that recently to the notice of a stirrer correlation between top surgeons and video gamers.

Surgeon butch Rosser, directory of minimally invasive surgery to the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, read a reporter?s comments on one of its procedures, who spoke of him as a ?Nintendo surgeon?. This began his thinking that his apparent gift among many of his peers perhaps because he was a gamer.

Rosser set out to see if there is a correlation to the aid of a training exercise laparoscopic standardized called "Top Gun" to test the laparoscopic surgeons who had never played a video game and those who were the players. The results were really incredible, "he says.First first, if you played video game [at any time] in the past, it was found that you have been significantly more quickly and, most important, you created the least errors that persons with no video game experience. Then when we tried to find out if you were a video current gamer, we found that, if you currently plays video games, you were more 30 percent better ? faster and less established ? of errors than someone who has not played any video games. »

Alan Castel [], Professor of Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis [], conducted another study where different groups are given a series of standard Visual test for a particular object (for example a letter) among a group of other objects on a computer screen. "Players of video games had fast reaction times of the order of 100 milliseconds, which could look like much but in this area, it is just a very firm conclusion," said Castel. "And you can imagine, when you drive, a difference of 100 milliseconds could really help you to avoid accidents."
Nat Geo Adventure: Ghost Fleet
"Research has shown that gamers used the same models of research as a non-gamer, but players of video games have been faster and more efficient when the execution of this research,", explains the Castel.

"Previous research showed that players of video games have more attentional capacity and can perform functions to search for more effective ways," explains Castel. "Our research is interested to consider whether there are differences in how players of video games and video games non - players find the Visual environment, how they realize Visual search." "We were interested to know if video games players would carry out Visual search in a different way from those who do not play video games".

Castel suggests that not only are good practice of video games for many mental tasks around activities such as military flight training and surgery, but that they can also be a good tool for the reintegration of persons recovering from brain damage.

Video games mental improvement is clear. However, Rosser point out that the performing surgeons with only three hours of video game per week. Rosser goes on to say not for children "that Butch Rosser would not here in this capacity he played video games and have no good notes, developed perseverance." And I would say to this child there who think that they have obtained a free pass to play video games carte blanche, I say ' NoOoN, unfortunately wrong. »

With discussions of the politicians, trying to airtime, of the prohibition of video games, imposing regulations beyond other mediums of entertainment such as books or films and the ?detriments? of video games, the work of organizations like the International game developers Associationwho advocate for a more balanced and fair look at the games, is needed more than ever. Research has shown the positive effects of video games and has shown very mixed results of the ill effects.

Those in positions to regulate the gaming industry must take a fair look at studies in the field before you try to impose any unfair requirements on the industry. That said, step of all games are appropriate for all ages. Parents need to know that their children play. Industries ESRB ratings are a great first step for this reason, many online review sites.

Children are, do you homework, but please play your video games. You may be operating on me one day

Kurt Uhlir, a technologist from Chicago and regular commentator on video games per day, oversees the strategy and products for extremely sharp swords, knives and Martial Arts.

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