Gaming age and limit adults should play video games?

I receive much criticism for playing video games. "What is a 29 years by playing video games." Are you not too old to play X - box? I have heard all this and frankly I'm tired of it. Video games have been a part of my life since the age of six years. It is 23 years old, therefore in my eyes, is more than a hobby it is more akin to a passion. As I've been pleased I play less, but video games are still a large part of my life. This raises the question, "should adults play video games or leave them to the children?"

First of all, there are different ratings for the video games, all as films are rated. You have rated "E" for everyone, "T" for adolescents, and "M" for adults. The fact that there is a rating for video games system allows you to know that they are made for different age groups. So with that said would leave you a 5 year old child to go see a film rated R? The chances are that you would not not because he is going to be violence and adult language. In addition, the same principles apply to video games. Some games are designed for children, while others are designed for mature players 18 years and more. Take for example the Grand Theft Auto IV by Rockstar Games. This is a video game of wonderful, but I would leave my children, and play it. The main reason being the game was rated Mr. There is more violence and graphic language in this game as a Terrantino film. The graphics and the game are impressive, not to mention the game has a great story to her line, but this is intended for an adult audience. My point is, some video games have been created specifically for older players.

So my answer to the question is no. There is no age limit for someone who loves video games. I will always be a gamer when I arrive at 50 years. It is just a part of my life that I don' t plan change. Now let's discuss adult dependent of video game. I am a recovery of video game addict. I used to play at least four hours each day. Weekends, remember seven or eight hours easy! Listen, if you play that much and it is not your profession you too are a video game addict. Is that I started my online business that I was ready to do something. Still, I knew that I was addicted to video games, but I never had this next step to do something. I still remember playing Mario Bros on my Nintendo nine hours straight until the AC adapter's hollow. A large part of the management of an online business is personal development. I realized that in order for me turn into a human, that I want to be, some things were to take the back seat.

It's as simple as this, the players older as I get their priorities in order. If you do not have a job, you must not be video games all day. If you have children, you must be spent much more time with them in the video game. If you have a significant other, he or she should not feel like the video game is more important that they are. If you have not been outside or seen another human being day for video games, you must assess your life. You cannot if expect different results if you do not take a different approach.
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I understand the argument of those who is against adults, play video games. Like drugs and alcohol, video games can ruin lives and destroy families. In no case am using video games in the same boat as heroin, but it is a dependency. Until I started to make my life in order and prioritizing, my wife and I would argue three to four times per week. 95 per cent of these submissions were due to playing me the game excessively. She had no problem with me playing x - box, she had a problem with me playing for 5 hours a day. She had a problem with me fatigue, get up for work. She had a problem with me not to come to bed because I was online with my buddies playing Gears of War. Honestly, I think that if I did not slow down on my game, it would have left me.

Then where is a video game addict begins when they decide it is time to grow up? Do what I was doing and listen when someone tells you that you play too. You must admit to yourself and be prepared to make a change. Then, you find another hobby to replace the game. You do not have to leave the cold Turkey, the point is to learn to play for a reasonable period of time. If instead of play-6 hours a day, only play you 2-3 hours per day. Find something else to fill at that time that you would have been games. Personally, I started my online business and now it takes more time than my game. I miss some that play as much as I used to but when I play I like much more now. Not to mention, once my business takes off I will have the freedom to play when that I want.

We know that us adult players have a negative stereotype. They think that we are all lazy burnouts, who still live in the House of video games in the basement of our parents. You have to take responsibility for your actions and only we can give the community of games a new image. I know that the world of Warcraft (WoW) has a huge following. Some even go up to as to call it a cult. I am not big in computer games, but I can relate to them. There was a guy wow that I read who lost everything because of WoW. He played for hours, until it affects his performance at work. Next thing you know he fired, then the snowball effect came into play. A few months later his wife left, then his house has been excluded. The guy had literally allowed WoW to destroy his life. So to summarize it all, I'll always side with my players and say that there is no age limit for video games. If a 30 years old, wants to play Gears of War, I believe that he has the right to do so. However, if the person's life is not in the order that they should step let video game interfere with their personal development. There is only one question, I would like to ask all those who criticize adult players, "how many hours of television watch you a day?".

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