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We've all heard the sayings many of our parents: "Stop of video games, they are not good for you" or "If you keep playing video games you will become stupid!" I'm here to prove this wrong. Video games are not always crazy graphics on the computer for your child to become zombies or TV. Video games can have many positive effects in reality all.

There are two major positive things to do video games: interaction to provide and inspire creativity. Everyone has different effects on the child. A look at the two and really understand could help parents make the right decision on video games.

We first provide interaction. This is what he said. The game offers a way for the child to interact with something. It is much better that just watching any TV show or film. They do not sit there mechanically. They actually have to think about what they do. Many games provide an amount surprisingly entertaining and educational problems in them. It is very good for stimulating the spirit of the child and encouraging them to think of the box. It is a process much easier to do this than a lot of unnecessary Word for homework problems.

How do you know it is the interaction is positive? Watch the latest TV shows for children. Most, if not all of them have children interacting in some way. Some shows get the kid to dance, jump, move forward in some way. Some ask questions or make them sing along. The list goes on and what are the benefits of learning of the child. Many video games is like that. Even non-éducatifs video games provide a healthy amount of learning and exercise for the mind.
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More importantly, for me as a writer, I find that video games provide a large amount of inspiration to creativity. I grew up in video games. It is not the only thing I did, I wasn't just sitting on the couch playing them all day, but I played my fair share. Was there a negative effect on me? I do not. I did well at school regardless of video games. I stayed healthy regardless of video games. I took an interest in writing video games.

Video games are a lot of information for children. In my case and many others out there, probably I have been inspired by them. I took plots, characters, worlds, and what I liked in their regard and began to write my own things. They made me evidence of creativity and develop my own stories to tell. First of all it could be similar adaptations to the game since I was young and not yet in the writing and reading. But as the books, video games has helped me to develop my ideas in my head and focus me on the way of motivation and creativity.

I hope that the parents do not prevent their children from playing games. They should enable them to but with the direction and supervision of course. Not all games are good for a child. Parents should know that their child is playing. They should look at what games are on. They can help the child in addition to pedagogical manner. It could make them a more creative person, even to stimulate their self-esteem and interest in writing and the arts, as it did for me. The parent should even try the video game. It is never too late to be inspired by them.

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