How to become a video game tester and very powerful tips

Being a professional video game tester is a dream job. Most of the players would love the chance to play large video games and get paid for this. Unfortunately, most of the players think that paid video game test is too far out of reach and will always be a dream. Well Fortunately, it is not a "dream", and anyone can be a paid tester of video game with the right amount of experience and guidance.

The following tips should help you start a career in professional video game testing.

Council 1: Do not expect to find you, get out there and find them jobs.
Video game tester jobs will not fall from the sky, so you cannot expect to find with a few blows of eye on Sunday newspaper. Therefore, instead of just sitting around waiting, be proactive and actually hunt these high paid test jobs.

Terrorizes everything right to game developers and present your case, no matter how poor or excellent, it might be. Let them know who you are, what you do (game tester), and why you would make a great addition to their team project.

It is important to remember that developers will not hire you on the spot; then, don't let not rejecting down you. They have a lot of video game testers applying projects and jobs, which means that they may be literally also picky, because they want to be. That said, be also confident you can and be sure to tell them of all your game achievements and acts. They need to know on what games you play frequently, what consoles you own, what communities you're spacing of and any Web blogs/sites you have or help to operate. Any games achieving, large or small, it will help with landing you a job.

Council 2: Don't think "Hobby with pay", think "Career with benefits!"
You need to keep in mind that the developers pay employment video game testers. They do not pay testers simply take advantage of video games at their own expense. Therefore, when get you a job of testing, not simply play to have fun; play as you earn a salary. Does this mean that you cannot not all fun? Not; It simply means that you should not make "show" your priority testing video games.

If you take each test job seriously and give it your all, you should have a game much more success, career tests.

Tip 3: Knowledge what to expect
The greater part of being a professional video game tester is the golden rule; who is "you are paid to test games, not step to play the". It may be a fine line between the two, but any real game tester will tell you that the difference is certainly there.

The subtle difference between the tests and playing is, well, work. A game tester will have to do real work, such as filing reports and fill out questionnaires; as opposed to a regular player of games, which will be simply to relax and play the game at a quiet pace. Of course, the work is not break back, but it is still work.

Questionnaires are the easiest set of tests, as video game tester has to make answers some general questions about the game and give his honest opinion. Reports, however, are a little more difficult to do. These reports must be filed on each bug/glitch which intersects the tester, and they must be remarkably accurate. In each report, video game tester has describe what happened, where it happened and how it happened. With this information in hand, developers and programmers will then solve the problem and find out why it happened in the first place. Each video game passes by this basic cycle, which is precisely why video game testers are so important to the gaming industry.
Mr. Puzzle
As you can see, there really isn't all that much work involved with video game tests, but this does not mean that this is not a serious profession.

Tip 4: Build a reliable network Contacts.
Networking is a crucial part of professional video game testing. While it is quite possible to have a successful career without a reliable network, with a just makes things easier.

A network of contacts can actually help your career in many ways. The greatest thing he can do is to give you a heads up on new job offers and assignments of tests that have been announced. Also, some of your contacts can even act as useful references when applying for employment testing. And, as if these two things were not enough, your network can give you the inside scoop on what's happening behind closed doors.

Much as a video game tester job, a reliable network is not just jump out to you. Therefore, you need to accumulate all on your own. The best way to do it is to know the industry and the people who work in this. Anyone who spends time on video games (professionally, of course) can be included in your network. testers of game, developers, programmers, concept artists, art designers, graphic artists, specialists of technical support, audio specialists, etc. Basically, if they are familiar with video games and work with video games, you want in your network.

Tip 5: Don't Give Up. Persevering!
The unfortunate fact is that you are not going to get a video game tester job, whenever you want. In fact, it may be a few weeks or even months before ask you your first use of test. However, which does not mean that you do not have what it takes. It just means you have to keep trying and giving the best of yourself. Many newcomers step start at the top of their game, which means that you will probably be. Therefore, just give this time. After a few months and some jobs, you should be able to get your foot and begin to advance your career as a professional video game tester.

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