How to become a video game tester? Become a video game tester

It is possible for you to become a video game tester. You can not simply become a tester of video game just like that. There are some things you need to know, to have and to become a game tester.

What are the things that you need to know?

There is a reason why game factory assign jobs to interested parties of game video testers. Your responsibility as a video game tester is to find bugs in any game you are given to test. If you are not experienced in video games, I tell you that you're not qualified for this task. Tell me; you are able to detect bugs in a video game? What is the bug you talk? Bugs are mistakes why the design of video games. As a human being, we have this spirit in us which tells us that this thing should be in this way, this way or vice versa. If you are the type who has been playing games since you were a kid, I think that you would be able to detect bugs. Your work as a video game tester is just to detect bugs, write a report and your assignment is through, the next step is to submit the report to the company and then wait for your pay cheque. I tell you, bug is not so easy, but you can do. You need is a course on how to do the work and with it, you would win.

That short course I speak will guide you to your first test successfully. If you are able to impress the person who gave you the games to test at first, you have a contract to continue to test and games to test up to what you do not want test anymore.
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In addition, pay for games testing is encouraging. You're not very well with $ 40 to $ 150 per hour multiplied by the total number of hours you spend being tested a particular game? There is no way you're not very well with this salary. The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, it is even more revenue than the film industry.

Salary of a video game tester
Compensation is acceptable to other employment tests. You have paid for which is the number of hours spend you testing games. Pay ranges from $ 10 to $ 150 per hour, which means hours more you pass tests of video games, the more money you will earn.

Where to find a video game testing jobs
After you are familiar with what games testing video is anything, the next step is to apply for a video game testing job. This is another difficult step of a video game of career tests. It would be easy if you have connections and know how to make, but if you do not, it is not so easy as eating hamburger and coke. All hope is not lost, because I will not offer you a guide on how to find a. How do I do this? It is possible to see a video game of test of the advertisements on the newspaper, classified sites and games magazines. Find these old and recent food and check if you can see all openings. If you see one, use their contact information such as email, phone, non- or the website to locate and verify if there is no opening for a video game tester.

Think of any game manufacturing company. Let's say that, Microsoft Xbox, Sony, Nintendo and the rest of the others. They normally appear for video game testers openings on their Web site. I recommend that you access through their Web sites. Who knows? You may have had the chance to find a. Apply with sufficient reasons, why you want to do a good job of testing. Video game companies accept ages 15 and above. There is no special diploma for a video game testing job but if you have one in a field related to the video game, this will be an advantage. If after trying all these and you are able to get one, I recommend you try some Web sites that have entries for game companies who are hiring. One of them is gametestingground. They have a database of video game, the search for testers of video game with their coordinates, how to apply and make sure you get the position.

GameTestingGround is a site that contains guides step by step on how you can learn the works of a video game tester, and they also have lists of video game tests of the openings to the States. Visit them today and start your career as a video game tester. Discover

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