How video games affect health

Concerned about the effects of video games on the health of your children? Or perhaps you are just curious to know this trick or need to search for a document. Below you find the information you need on this topic with links at the bottom of reading.

This whole article is about how video games affect the health of people in General. The General positive and negative effects on health are the main topic of discussion.

Positive results of the games video effects on health

Let's start by how video games have positive effects on your health.

The more strange is that the positive effects of video games can be seen in the health care sector. People (especially young people) who are the object of painful treatment for diseases such as cancer can use video games for fun pain during long periods of time.

Video games have positive psychological effects. Some games is used as part of a comprehensive program may be helping children with autism and other children with development disorders.
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Studies have also shown that video games can improve mental faculties, such as hand-eye coordination. More intelligent games like strategy and puzzle games can also improve the resolution of problems and provide intellectual stimulation.

Negatives of the video games of the health effects

There is a wide range of adverse effects reported video game on health; However, the real evidence of games directly causing some negative effects is very low. Other adverse effects are usually due to excessive play of video games. Parents concerned with the amount of time their children spend on video games should encourage a balance between the time with other activities. For extremely adverse as hallucinations are very rare and could be caused by other unknown factors.

People who are susceptible to epileptic seizures and photosensitive individuals may experience seizures when they see the rapid flickering or changes of rapid screen that passes in the game. The amount of game no matter much, as people who are prone to seizures could be one after a few minutes of play.

People who live a life sedentary (poor, rather inactive exercise) and especially session activities such as video games generally suffer from a kind of disease later in life, such as heart problems and muscle and obesity. It is usually combined with poor nutrition, genetically modified foods and junk food.

There is also research that suggests that there is a link between violent games and increased aggression, however, is quite limited and generally fails to other variables such as education and environmental conditions.


Video games have positive and negative effects on health. However, the effects vary greatly depending on the types of games played and the frequency of play. Some adverse effects may be caused by other factors in conjunction with excessive gambling of the games, but can usually be corrected by living a healthier lifestyle. The positive elements of the effects on the health of video games has also vary depending on the type of game played and its frequency.

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