An impartial look at the epidemic in our youth video games

Since the creation of video games, parents and children have been questioned the utility and convenience to play these diversions focused on technology. If animated, games can be a great support for the social links and outlet for a break well deserved. Recently, many studies have been released by showing the many effects of video games, and several times, their data are misinterpreted. Instead of taking the radical approach to deny the benefits of video games, or proclaiming as the Savior for the young todays, it is necessary to take the Middle Road and adapt according to your own values.

On a social aspect, video games are a great way to improve friendship, or even make new relationships. Sitting at a game of Madden 06 nice (a game of football) or even play co-op mode on Halo 2 (a first person shooter), you can develop connections between you and your partner. These games, you work on your team work, it is necessary to be corporate and working on a game plan to win. However you can also play on teams competing in Madden 06, or even fight against each other in Halo 2. If too much seriously, this can prove dangerous for a relationship. However, usually these games provide a healthy light competition and I hope that let the loser (and winner) skills practice sportsmanship.

Unfortunately there are also negative effects on social behaviour, almost directly related to the play too many video games. Several times, if the players become too fixated, some solo games could cause social isolation. These games (if abused) could take time away from being with friends and players of plants in the face of a screen. At an early age that could prove highly damaging as children learn even better social behavior and skills. Become a addicted video games could cause a child to grow up as introvert, shy or antisocial.

Another poorly - affect video games outside the social health of the players y physical health. Many conditions and injuries have been linked to the repeated use of video games. Some of them include: eye strains, wrist / neck / injuries, back pain, photosensitive epilepsy, headache, lesions of the nerves and muscles and even hallucinations! Currently, researchers are studying the effect of video games in obesity, and if it is a factor. Even though these only sound as reason enough to stamp out video games, you should look for in the conditions of the studies carried out to arrive at these conclusions. Many of these injuries are very rare, and you must also consider the word repeatedly. Most cases of injury or illness of video games came because the person was playing much too. So with moderation, one can take advantage of video games with a lower risk of which hit one of these injuries.

Even if there are negative risks to play video games, there is also many positive effects on physical health introduced on these games. Numerous studies show, including one by Stanford University, that video games have a considerable effect on the skills in problem solving player?s problem and alertness ([]). The US National Institute of Heath Governments recently published a study showing the amazing visual skills increases and attentiveness after playing video games ( Among these increased skills is also the best ability to follow instructions. Teachers for centuries tried to inculcate the educational ideal follow the directions on the students. Now with advances in video games player?s skills in the directional suite also hopefully will increase.
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In additional to the ability to follow instructions, came many other educational benefits to play video games. There is evidence that many games like Age of Empires and Rome: Total War, increase in logic and reflection capabilities. In these games, players are required to engage in thinking critically and decision-making that will affect it gaming experience. To win, you think a decision until you do. For example, in Age of Empires, choose or not to build a range of arc or a stable shooting could influence the outcome of your next battle. Many games of role (such as Final Fantasy X) also requires that read you large amounts of rapid scrolling through screen text. In fact, many American teachers have been noting improvement in spelling, reading and math even by video games ( Many readers may now be thinking it is obviously more beneficial for reading to read a book, but is how much more easy to ask a child if they want to read a novel or play the last game of blockbuster hit the shelves?

The content of the games is also important. Today the array of type and content of the games have increased tenfold. There are games designed for girls preteens, violent youth, lovers of sports history buffs, someone appoint you, and there is probably a game designed with them as a demographic. The same study by the Institute of health has also used various games like variables ( They had some children play modern games, has just come out in the course of the past years, such as the Medal of honor) and terribly out of games (like Tetris). The Medal of honor players improved y visual attention skills and significantly, Tetris players had almost zero improvement.

Unfortunately, many young today?s use video games to escape the stress of everyday life. It is also ultimately one of the best tools for contrast. It can have a negative effect on daily life. Children play video games instead of making it work at home, instead of studying tests, even instead of chatting with their own family! In addition, many video games is naturally ?addicting? and cause many players of ?hard-core? to lose jobs, school failure and even loss of a relationship. These qualities of video games do seem almost drug-like with some of the same social negatives such as alcohol. However as the red wine (which appear to be positive to your health ( video games are great moderation.

Ultimately if a player practices self control video games can be positive for them. As they keep track of time, to choose good games and a balance between their lives, players from around the world can all feel these productive effects. Fantasy is an essential part of a kids growing imagination. Therefore as long as they do so wisely, let them play, let them have fun.

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