Is swapping video games with other players average play new video games the best?

Each gamer goes through the process of buying a new video game - he plays the boredom or completion and then moving on the next game. For some, the value of £ 40 (~ $ 60) for most new video games put the next match a delicate task, a very expensive hobby game! This article will discuss several methods of purchase/obtaining new video games available to players and consider whether video game swapping sites represent the best possible value for a gamer movement on a new video game.

Trade video games
Trade your video game at a local store is a method - which means often lose more than half of the value of the game that you have paid in the first place. And the local store is likely to sell your video game at a significantly higher price. For trade in value, they offer will not help you much in the store you will still need to contribute to some more money to get a new game. However, this process is convenient and you have your next game in hand as soon as you are in the store!

1 Chest of drawers
2 Instant

1 Trade low value
2 Mark hefty up by retailer means you pay more cash for the next game

Rental of video games
Join in games, such as the Boomerang or Lovefilm rental service is another option. Generally, pay you a flat monthly subscription and receive a limited number of games that you can keep for as long as you want. The quality of these services varies greatly and the main disadvantages here are that you must maintain a list of games you want: hence receive you which ever games rental company has in stock when they receive returned games. The danger here is that you can not really get the game at the top of your list. Other disadvantages include wait long for a single match you want - or of the receipt of the games that are scratched at the point where your console not jouerai them! More important still, you hand everything that cash each month and you ne have really what that this is the end - it can be argued that there is more to buy a game, keeping until you are finished with it and then Exchange it once you have completed.

In addition, the value in this service varies from a game. Some games can be completed in a few days to play, and therefore the effective cost of this game is a fraction of the monthly subscription. And some games will be played for many years, making these games via very expensive rental! So in this sense, rental has the advantage of letting try you a large number of games for a monthly subscription. If you think that the game is set in the long term, then you could simply buy the game knowing that you are going to play this game for a long time to come! But then the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 players can try new games by downloading, setting mute this point in their case.

Another game rental option is often available from a local video store. Rental fees are generally 5 to 10% of the cost of the video game up to 7 days worth of game. To the help of a local store to rent games video is definitely convenient and the value of the service depends on you if actually complete you the game or decide is not your thing (that is, you have obtained the maximum of their) until the game is due back.
Wireless Lava Glow Controller (Blue) Playstation 2 [PS2]

1 Large collection choose
2. Easy to get new video games that you fill out older
3. You get to try a large number of games for a nominal subscription.

1 May not get the game you want
2 Could wait long for games according to rental companies stock levels
3. You don't really have anything in the end

Sell your video games
Another way is simply sell you video game. One of the more convenient to sell is by the auctioning of your game on eBay or TheGameCollective. If the game is a recent and popular, you probably get a good price - potentially much more that would pay a store locally and all you had to do was wait a few days for sale at auction and to complete it and send it then your game by mail. A little less convenient that a store locally, but for many the additional value in the video game is worth.

The draw back here is that eBay will be a reduction of the final price currently 8.25% of the final tax and if you accept payment via PayPal, you will have to pay additional costs (~ 4%), which represents a loss of up to 12% of the final price (unless you are clever and it build the p) (& p price - but it's a scarecrow for many!).

1 Can receive a good price for your game.
2. Very convenient

1 Must wait several days for the sale to agree
2. The commission on the final sale price

Video game Swap
Swapping video games via a network swap online game is another method. These sites include TheGameCollective, gamejam or hitflip and for a fee, no small these sites will allow the players agree to swaps and then Exchange personal address and post their games to each other. This service provides players the opportunity to play the new video games regarding the cost of posting a game. So in this sense, the game swapping option offers enormous potential for the conscience of the gamer value.

Game-swapping is not currently widely adopted and unless a site of game swap experiences heavy traffic a gamer can therefore wait a little longer to get the video game swap, they want to. This may take a short while as the popularity of the game and permutation of this game in this regard is not as practical as, say, trading. But as the swapping of game becomes more popular, the process of moving on new video games is called to become a valuable experience much better.

1 Can be obtained at the price of a set of mailing
2. Easy to get new video games that you fill out older

1 May have to wait long to find a willing to exchange other gamer

John Dunne was an avid gamer since more than 20 years and a setup of the permutation video game website to help players share and sell their free video games to help achieve maximum game.

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