Media Addiction Quiz for Teens: make TV, video games and computers to run your life?

Welcome to "the generation of media".
Adolescents spend much time before the TV and play with their computer and video games that the Kaiser Family Foundation has dubbed this generation "the generation of media".

A recent study found that children of 8 and 18 have been TV, play video games, on their computers and listen to music for a total of 6 hours and 23 minutes each day! Many young people have made two or more activities at a time. Most of this time is still spent TV. Kids spent about four hours each day TV watching. With so many time to television and other media, perhaps Kaiser should have marked it "The media generation hooked."

What use excess TV, video and computer games can do for you
How much time you spend in front of a TV, video, and the computer screen is important, because these activities have been associated with obesity, attention (such as ADHD) problems and poor grades. Violent content can condition you accept the violence in your life. The sexual content of many popular shows and games can encourage you to experiment until you are ready. The TV can act as a depressant, stifle your creativity, encourage compliance, and simply lose your precious time.

Discover if you are part of "The Media-Addicted generation":

1. Your family has more than one TV set? [No yes [] no]

2. You are front a screen more than 2 hours per day?[No yes [] no]

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3 You have sometimes trouble TV or video game Ad jingles "out of your head"? [No yes [] no]

4 Is there a game TV/video/computer play your Home much or all of the time? [No yes [] no]

5 Do you have a TV, video or computer game in your bedroom? [No yes [] no]

6 Is it easy for you to turn off the TV/video, set in the means of a favorite show/game? [No yes [] no]

7. Do you ever rush home, landing forced friends and family, to catch a favorite television show, playing video games, or go to the computer? [No yes [] no]

8. Do you frequently eat meals while facing the TV, video or computer games? [No yes [] no]

9. You never yourself unwittingly attracted imitating TV or video game character? [No yes [] no]

10. Do talk you and play with your friends that you

Watch TV, play games and play with computers? [No yes [] no]

11 Can you turn off the TV, computer and video games OFF at the present time and let them off the coast for three days? [No yes [] no]

12. Do you ever mechanically navigate through TV channels or the internet? [No yes [] no]

13 Have you need TV, video game, or a computer to relax after a rough day? [No yes [] no]

14 Do you feel edgy, anxious, or "not right" If there is no TV,. video game, or a computer game? [No yes [] no]

15. Do you watch TV, play video games or play on the computer spend more time with your family? [No yes [] no]

16 Do you ever watch TV, play video games or surf more time that you have the intention of the internet? [No yes [] no]

17. You feel you spend too much time with TV, video games, or computer? [No yes [] no]

18. You have missed a special event with friends or family because you were watching a TV program? [No yes [] no]

19 Have you ever tried to stop watching television, video game Games, or go on computer, but have failed? [No yes [] no]

20. Do you have difficulty limiting time that you are watching television. play video games, or go on the computer? [No yes [] no]

* Note: Time spent on the computer for homework purposes does not include:

To calculate your score:

For all questions, except for # 6, # 10 and # 11, give yourself 1 point for each answer "Yes" and 0 points for each "no". To give to questions # 6, # 10 and # 11 0 points for each "Yes" answer to yourself and 1 point for each "no". Add your total.

Your total: _

0-6: Great! Your TV, computers and video games are not in control of your life. You are. But keep an eye on how much time spend you on these activities to ensure a dependency does step stealthily on you.

7-14 : You are moderately hooked to your TV, video games or your computer. Perhaps each of them. The good news is that with a little effort, a list of fun activities non-écran and a reasonable timetable, you should be able to keep your addiction under control. "The free system of TV" also helps you to create a calendar that keeps you busy with fun activities, centred on the objective. Follow your dreams instead of looking at a screen...

15-20: OH dear. You probably have a serious drug problem. You may need to take extreme measures, including to get rid of your TV or video games, in control of your time. Start with the device that waste most of your time. The good news is "The free system of TV" has been designed to help even the most serious drug addict and can be used for the video game, or computer addiction as well.

Life is too short to "Watch" to go.

Katherine Westphal is the control of the TV guru and the founder of Trash your TV. Find out how you can you control your TV, video games and use of the computer with the system of TV-free []. Get in control of your addiction today.

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