Petz: Bunnyz Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen) [NDS]

Petz: Bunnyz Nintendo
You have 5 types of Bunnyz to choose from: American Fuzzy Lop Netherland Dwarf Holland Lop Mini-Rex and English Angora. Interact with your Bunny in the same way as Nintendogs. Pet play and talk to your Bunnyz. Bunny environments such as the cage hutch and chew-toys. Keep your Bunny happy with regular brushing feeding and cleaning the cage. Play 7 different mini-games to unlock new toys and items for your Bunnyz: Easter Egg Hunt Clean-up Balancing Soccer Air Hockey Circuit Race Adventure Quest. Teach your Bunnyz: Bunnyz can learn Holiday dates and Bunnyz can learn greetings and phrases through touch-pad mini-games. Share with others through wireless connection: Trade Bunnyz between two DS systems and give gifts as items to other Bunnyz players.

Petz: Bunnyz Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen) [NDS]

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