Cars - [Game Boy Advance]

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Cars - [Game Boy Advance]

In this adaptation of Pixar's Cars, you can race as Lightning McQueen, The King, Doc Hudson, or Chick Hicks and compete in a variety of races such as road, circuit, route, and the Piston Cup for a total of 15 events. Road races take you to the back roads of Radiator Springs for a one-on-one showdown. Win and unlock new playable characters. Circuit Races are held on a variety of surfaces that focus on handling and aggressive driving. Win and earn Boltz relative to your finishing place. At the Piston Cup, you will use all your skills and experience to win this endurance race. Route races are timed and rely on speed to win. Earn Boltz to unlock additional races and new paint jobs. Special driving features include Boost Pads for higher top speeds, patches that slow a car down, powersliding, and drafting.

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