Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee [PSP]

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Hot Shots Golf:
Open Tee [PSP]

After teeing-off on the original PlayStation and playing two successful rounds on PS2, the Clap Hanz-developed Hot Shots Golf series goes portable for the first time in this PSP game. Sticking with the well-established theme of "Golf for the People," Open Tee features exaggerated characters, useful power-ups, and a slew of unlockables, adding a friendly stroke of wackiness to an otherwise realistically challenging simulation of the sport. A total of ten customizable golfer characters eventually become available, to be joined by one of five personable caddies on the game's six courses.
As in the console versions of the title, shots are taken with three timed button taps, and the contours of the greens are easily read through a dynamic grid display. A practice mode is available, to help players get a feel for the idiosyncrasies of each course and character, and the PSP's Ad-hoc peer-to-peer wireless connectivity supports multiplayer golfing for up to eight. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide

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