News station 3 game: keep up to date and the toolbar configuration in the console game wars

PlayStation 3, the third in the series of Playstation, is the seventh Sony console generation era.

Users of Playstation in Japan and the United States does not have to wait as much as the Playstation 3 will be released in November 2006. However, for those in Europe and Australasia, have to wait until March 2007 for the launch of the PS3. Reports say that this has been due to shortages in the production of diodes used in Blu-ray optical drives.

The Playstation 3 will be released in two types of configurations. The first type includes an internal 60 GB HDD, memory and support for Wi-Fi card readers. The second version does not have the memory card and the role of Wi-Fi and is designed only with a 20 GB hard drive.

In addition to the 20 GB or 60 GB console, PS3 package contains the following units: controller 1, 1 Ethernet, 1 USB cable and power cord cable.

Sony has announced in its news that Playstation 3 will support a game of mouse and keyboard, something which no doubt will welcome to PC gamers. The mouse and the keyboard will be connected to the PS3 by USB. However, is still unclear if any keyboard or USB mouse can connect to the console unit, or if you only select may be peripheral. In addition, Sony had published that portable Playstation must connect to the PS3 via Bluetooth. The PSP can act as a remote control of the console. With that, PS3 players can examine folders and files without having to leave their seats. In addition, movies and photos can be transferred between two gadgets. However, the PSP can not function as a PS3 controller.

Fans of the games and Playstation lovers have always wanted to stay up to date with the latest stories, particularly with the Playstation 3.

Recently, the Sony Corporation warned the public of possible fraud only next game console. Sony said to the public to be careful with reservations via the internet.

Sony report states that several web sites make use of discounts and other promotional offers as his bait for potential customers.

Sony, however, did not specify which websites to participate in such fraud. They advised prospective buyers to be careful when pre-pedido online and buy online retailers authorised and registered.

In other news, Sony has released a record of their window games. It is expected that the listed games will be released within the first six months. Some of these titles are:

* Fight night round 3

* Full Auto 2: Bousquet

* Call of Duty 3

* NBA 2 k 7

* Genji: Days of the blade

* Resistance: Fall of man

* Sonic the Hedgehog

* F.E.A.R.

* Wonder: Final Allliance

* Call angels of World War II squadrons

* Countless legends of the Kingdom of darkness

* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

* Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire

* Tom Hawk Project 8

Another recent history reports that Sony revealed that the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller for PS3, would come with no removable battery. This means that when the batteries have been exhausted, users would have to buy another. Of course, this has provoked disputes drivers are expansive.

In defence, a Sony spokesman said that its controllers are equipped with the most advanced lithium polymer batteries. As such, the battery life is expected to last many years. Ensures that, in the event of failure of its elements, Sony will provide service to the elements.

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