Orders for PlayStation 3: one of the first people to own Sony's PlayStation 3 games console

In the world of gaming consoles, Sony is one of the leading manufacturers and also made one of the consoles of games of chance in the market today. When Sony PlayStation in the mid-1990s, took the world by storm for their graphics art and sound technology.

Also met the same success Sony launched its PlayStation 2 in 2000. Expected so widely that many people had asked for the PlayStation 2, even before that it was released in the market. The fever of the same is expected with the upcoming release of the new Sony game console.

Today, many people are now anticipating a new type of Sony game console. This particular gaming console is now being considered as one of the most popular and also one of the more gaming console widely expected ever developed by Sony. This gaming console is called the PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 3 has many features that will change the way of play for people in the game console. It has different characteristics believed to be that the last of the technology of the console games of chance and the people working on hand to develop the PlayStation 3 gaming console definitely has thought much on the development of a console gaming one of type that probably you want to.

The PlayStation 3 is scheduled for release in November 2006 in Japan, United States and Canada and in March 2007 in Europe and Australasia. Due to its features, the Sony's PlayStation 3 game console is now receiving orders from around the world before is still officially released in the market. If you know the PlayStation 3, you will want this gaming console to be part of your home entertainment system.

Sony will launch two configurations of Sony PlayStation 3. One is the basic configuration and the other is the setting of the premium. In the basic configuration will be integrated with a hard disk of 20 gigabyte upgradeable, a Blu-ray drive, HDMI port and a Bluetooth controller. The configuration of the premium, will include a 60 GB HDD can be extended, a disc Blu-ray, HDMI port, a Bluetooth controller, silver-colored trim, integrated Wi-Fi and Flash card readers. If you want to enjoy to the full ahead of others, you can plan them premium PS3 configuration.

PlayStation 3 will also have a large library of popular games and will also have support for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games. With this feature, you can play with your old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games with the Sony's PlayStation 3 game console.

Integrated with the latest technology in gaming consoles, may want to preorder PlayStation 3 in your country in order to avoid the adherence to the principle Christmas shopping fever where a lot of people are expected to buy the PlayStation 3 game console. Reserves will allow the PlayStation 3 even before that you will come to PlayStation 3 closest retailers shelves.

Therefore, if you want to protect a PlayStation 3 itself, reservations a PlayStation 3 at your authorized dealer of PlayStation 3 in your area is a very good idea. Avoid getting trapped in principle Christmas shopping rush for the PlayStation 3 by reservations with your authorized dealer of PlayStation 3 or you can also plan them online.

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