PlayStation 3: Why buy this gaming console?

Sony is today one of the leading manufacturers of game consoles. Compared to other consoles, Sony game consoles are integrated with the latest cutting edge graphics and sound, which will give you and your entertainment in family home of high quality.
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Line Sony PlayStation is one of the most successful gaming consoles on the market. In fact, it is so successful that many people around the world prefer consoles of other different consoles games PlayStation developed by other companies.

Imagine a console gaming with a large library of popular games with realistic graphics and sound that will take you virtually in the game and make you feel as if the character and not just playing the game itself. If you've played a PlayStation before, you know how fun is and also know what kind of benefits that PlayStation consoles can contribute to home entertainment systems.

Today, Sony will officially launch its anticipated PlayStation 3 November 2006 in Japan, United States and Canada in that order. PlayStation 3 promises to provide high quality games experience for everyone in the world. With the latest graphics chip installed and the best processor available for consoles, PlayStation 3 will definitely be to you and your family entertainment of quality.

Although the elegant design of the PlayStation 3 is purely for aesthetic purposes, you can never deny the fact that the exterior design is well with your home entertainment system. PlayStation 3 also has wireless controller Bluetooth that can be used for maximum comfort and enjoyment while playing the game.
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PlayStation 3 can also be integrated with Wi-Fi technology that will allow you to play online PlayStation 3 with different people in the world. Because of this, you can play with your own custom character online and fight against other people from around the world or make new friends in the virtual community where they can go in cooperative missions.

There are other accessories that can benefit from the PlayStation 3. It has an upgradeable hard drive, and will also be integrated with the Blu-ray disc drive. In addition, it will also integrate with the PlayStation 3 HDMI and USB ports. With a function of HDMI, you can play on your TV in high definition with a superior quality.

The Blu-ray disc is a format of advanced disk that will be able to maintain five times more than a data DVD. Blu-ray disc drive can play various formats of disk as your old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, their audio CDs, DVDs, and other. This means that you will receive more than a game console. The PlayStation 3 will be able to play DVD movies and will also be able to play audio CDs.
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Now that you have several reasons why should buy Sony PlayStation 3 instead of the other major consoles of games available on the market today, you should also know that the PlayStation 3 is a game console highly anticipated today. You should expect that many people are lining up to buy PlayStation 3 worldwide and this, why should also consider booking a PlayStation 3 before is even released in the market.

By booking your PlayStation 3, you can be sure that you have a PlayStation 3 to the official version of this gaming console in the United States and Canada in November 2006. Buy PlayStation 3 now what reservations online or by what reservations on its closest points of sale of Sony's PlayStation 3.

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