Auto Modellista - [GameCube] – Used

Capcom combines classic street-racing gameplay with highly-stylized graphics in Auto Modellista. While cel-shading creates a distinctively cartoonish look, the handling and rich detail are designed to drive this game far beyond standard Saturday morning fare. Players can choose a car from a number of licensed Japanese manufacturers, including Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and others. Once a favorite car is selected it's time to hit the streets, for organized competition or pick-up dragging. Winning players earn the opportunity to upgrade their cars by adding new parts and kits. Like the cars themselves, the game's urban areas are all modeled after real-life locations in Japan. To offer more extensive enjoyment of Auto Modellista's distinct look, players can enter a special "VJ" mode to enhance their replays with camera angle cuts, special effects, and music.

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Auto Modellista

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