Freestyle Street Soccer - [GameCube] – Used

The hard-hitting, gritty action of the streets is the focus of Urban Freestyle Soccer, which Acclaim hopes does for soccer what titles like NBA Street did for basketball. The game consists of four-on-four action with no rules to speak of other than to survive the match unharmed. Replacing the traditional fields of grass is an assortment of concrete battlegrounds with oil drums serving as goalposts. Instead of organized teams, players choose from a motley group of 16 gangs, each wanting to prove once and for all who should rule the streets. Each athlete can perform advanced moves, such as scissor kicks, midair juggles, bicycle kicks, and more with relative ease using a simplified control system designed for combos. Stringing together multiple moves in succession earns players skill points used to upgrade teams, unlock mini-games, and open up other bonuses. Five modes of play include Turf Wars, Home Turf, Street Challenge Cup, Exhibition, and Multiplayer. U.K.-developer Silicon Dreams' previous take on the sport was Soccer Mania on PlayStation 2 and computer platforms.

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Freestyle Street Soccer

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