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In the distant future, only superior tactics will save Earth from being lost to heartless alien invaders -- though good platform jumping skills, a steady aim, and a bit of luck won't hurt either. Future Tactics: The Uprising is an action-strategy game set thousands of year from now, featuring a young hero named Low who may rise to save humanity from becoming but a footnote in the history of a race of off-world oppressors. While rooted in the iconic, turn-based play of conventional console tactics games, Future Tactics adds elements of action more common to 3D platformers. The game is turn based, but instead of merely sending their characters to a destination, players are in direct control as their heroes run and jump around the battlefield. Similarly, using the game's numerous ranged weapons requires the player to aim and shoot from a first-person perspective. Since a successful attack so often relies upon a clear shot, line-of-sight is a top concern, both when attacking and defending. If Low can see an enemy well enough to take aim, that enemy may get a bead on him as well. Future Tactic's deformable environments add to this uncertainty, as seemingly protective cover might wear away with a few well-placed rounds. Designed to offer tactical challenges with the feel of a 3D platform shooter, Future Tactics: The Uprising allows players to survey the battlefields and develop a plan of action without a lot of abstract number-crunching. The game features 18 characters, 19 missions, and a tweakable two-player "Battle Mode." A "Boot Camp" tutorial is also included, to help ease new players into the game.

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Future Tactics: The Uprising

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