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Designed specifically for the GameCube, Capcom's Gotcha Force is a four-player shooter featuring a motley collection of miniature characters. Players can choose between monsters, humanoids, robots, tanks, and more -- over 100 units in total -- before challenging a rival to a battle set within real-world environments like kitchens, bedrooms, and more. Gameplay involves placing two troops in strategic areas to maximize their individual strengths and weaknesses, then engaging in a mixture of melee and projectile-based combat. The goal is to eliminate a faction's "war power," a horizontal meter depicting overall troop strength. Defeating a powerful unit diminishes a rival's war power at a greater rate than taking out a weaker unit. New units automatically replace fallen comrades until an entire team is eliminated. Winning a battle allows players the option to keep existing units or to trade them in for new combatants. Players also have the opportunity to mix and match individual parts to create their own characters before sending them into battle or trading them to a friend. Three modes of play include Story, Battle, and Team Battle. Story, which can be played solo or cooperatively with a friend, is a series of battles against various rivals. Battle supports up to four players simultaneously, while Team Battle offers one-on-one competition against a human opponent. As added incentive to win both Battle and Team Battle games, victorious players are permitted to take the rival team's units.

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Gotcha Force

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