Leveling Faster with the Dungeon Finder

Virtually every World of Warcraft player has wondered about the fastest way to level a character at some point, and right now the fastest way to do it is by leveling with the dungeon finder.  Blizzard added the dungeon finder with patch 3.3, and it’s so much more than just a way for level 80 characters to find groups more easily.  Dungeon leveling is now the fastest way to level in the game, and any WoW player who doesn’t admit this is missing out on a whole lot of experience in a short amount of time.

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There are so many benefits to dungeon leveling that you really can’t afford to learn how to do it.  Just think for a moment about your average gameplay time.  How much of it is spent running around town, grabbing quests, and trying to figure out where to go next?  By instance leveling instead of solo questing, you get the fastest experience gain per hour.  Let’s take a look at exactly how you gain more experience through dungeon leveling. 

As mentioned earlier, solo questing involves a lot of down time while you’re trying to figure out where to go next.  When you level with the dungeon finder, you kill creatures non-stop and take on a new mob every minute or so.   You don’t spend time travelling from place to place and mob to mob.  Instead, your time spent instance leveling in the dungeons gets you more kills on average per second.  More kills equals more experience, so you can see just why dungeon leveling will get you to level 80 faster on this basic level. 

Also there is power in numbers, and the only way to harness this power is by leveling with the dungeon finder.  You’ll find power leveling your character to be much easier by using the dungeon finder, especially if you’re a clothie or other somewhat squishy character.  All World of Warcraft players know that dying frequently and having to run back to your corpse is very time-consuming, especially at the low levels, and instance leveling is the perfect solution for this problem too.  By leveling in a group, you’ll probably spend a lot less time being dead and running back to get your corpse.  Less time spent dead means more kills, more experience, and hitting every single level faster than you would have if you were power leveling on your own through the solo quests. 

Another added bonus to dungeon leveling is the added experience and bonuses you get from killing elite monsters.  Of course there’s no way you would be able to take on an elite creature by yourself, and instance leveling allows you to do this easily and efficiently, mopping up a ton of extra experience from each elite kill.  Elite monsters also drop unique items that are sure to make your power leveling experience even easier.  The better gear you have, the easier even solo questing will become.  Can you really afford not to use the dungeon finder?

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