Maximum Racing: Super Karts [Wii]

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Maximum Racing: Super Karts [Wii]

Maximum Racing: Super Karts is a budget-friendly racing game, designed to be accessible to casual players while still offering a challenge to more practiced gamers. In single-player races or a split-screen two-player mode, Wii Remotes tilt to steer lightweight, over-powered vehicles through tricky, twisting courses. Reminiscent of a miniature F1 or Indy car, the super karts are built low to the ground, for zippy acceleration and tight handling around corners. The game features three engine-sized classes of karts, and ten tarmac-covered tracks. Television-style replays allow racers to relive their best moves from multiple camera angles. By beating challenges and winning championship races, players can unlock additional vehicles. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide


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