Pool Paradise - [GameCube] – Used

Pool Paradise transports gamers to a remote tropical island, where they'll take part in a billiards tournament against 30 of the world's best shooters. Boasting more credentials than one might shake a cue stick at, Pool Paradise was developed by European billiards sim specialist Archer Maclean and his Awesome Studios (Archer Maclean's Pool, Jimmy White's Whirlwind, Jimmy White's Cueball series), once again under consultation with real-life snooker champion Jimmy White (who is also featured as a advisor character in this game). Would-be sharks can get a feel the action at the beachside Practice Table, or begin their climb up the tournament ladder in the "Competition Hut." As in the producers' earlier efforts, gamers can choose to play under several different rules sets, including both U.S. and U.K. versions of 8-ball and 9-ball. Additional modes and features may be unlocked through skilled play. The realistic billiards action is complemented by fantasy challenges and mini-games, such as the strangely shaped tables found in the "Stunt Hut" area, and an emulation of Maclean's 1994 SNES game Dropzone found at the "Arcade Hut."

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Pool Paradise

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