The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian - [GameCube] – Used

Serving as a prequel to the 2002 fantasy film starring pro-wrestler +The Rock as the titular hero, The Scorpion King is a sword-swinging action game that has players venturing across Egypt to seek vengeance from a maniacal lord who destroyed their Akkadian kingdom. Rather than follow the events as scripted in the movie, the prequel allowed the developers more freedom in creating action sequences and story. As lead character Mathayus, players will be able to perform multiple attacks against a variety of supernatural creatures while battling their way through pyramids, across sand dunes, and more. Up to four weapons can be equipped at any given time, each selectable using one of four directions on the Control Pad.

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The Scorpion King:
Rise of the Akkadian

Mathayus can find and use gauntlets to increase his hand-to-hand combat skills, one-handed swords, spears, or two-handed swords throughout his quest. Each weapon class offers five distinct types varying in power, quickness, and range. The majority of levels involve eliminating a specific number of enemies in order to advance, including boss creatures. To help, Mathayus has both a health meter, which can be increased after finding hidden tail gems, and a stamina bar, which allows him to perform special attacks. Standard moves include a normal attack, strong attack, jump, and the ability to pick up, drop, and throw objects. Players who have full stamina can also perform a secret move at the press of a button, and Mathayus has the power to block oncoming attacks with either a shield (when equipped) or his weapon. Moves may be strung together to form different combos as well. For example, players who press the strong attack button while blocking will perform a different attack than when standing still. Power-ups are also available inside breakable objects or along the ground, including health, stamina, strength, endurance, cures, and blood rubies. The latter unlocks bonuses viewable in the options screen such as concept art, galleries, cinemas, and enemy data.

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