Star Wars: Starfighter Spec.Edit. XBox

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Star Wars: Starfighter
Spec.Edit. XBox

Star Wars Starfighter allows you to fly through a unique chapter of the Star Wars universe, piloting 20 realistic and accurately rendered 3D starships amidst a variety of environments set in air and space. The game sets players on an epic journey that begins on the lush paradise planet of Naboo and continues through the climactic assault on the Droid Control Ship inspired by the motion picture Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Players are introduced to the three main fighter pilots through a series of intense flight exercises from each character’s point of view. Regardless of whom they choose, however, gamers will be able to test their battle skills against more than 50 vehicles, including Trade Federation drop ships, battle tanks, droid starfighters and never before seen craft such as the deadly Protector, Scarab, and DaggerFor the Xbox Special Edition release, the game has been expanded with five new bonus missions as well as new and expanded two player modes.


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