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Superman, along with mild-mannered alter-ego Clark Kent, flies onto the GameCube in Superman: Shadow of Apokolips, a third-person action adventure romp based upon the animated cartoon series. Darkseid, an inter-galactic super villain, has hatched a diabolical scheme -- one that will destroy Superman and pave the way for his domination of Earth. By providing Lex Luthor with sophisticated Apokoliptian technology, he hopes to rid himself of the Last Son of Krypton once and for all. Imbued with all the powers that have made Superman the stuff of legend, players must embark on missions that cover the length and breadth of Metropolis, from timed missions to rescue, stealth and straight-up action levels. To accomplish the tasks set before them, players have at their disposal a plethora of authentic Superman abilities, including super breath, x-ray vision, and heat vision. Constantly using these abilities will sap an onscreen energy meter, however. Abilities not restricted by the constant need to regenerate are super strength and of course, Superman's ability to fly. The former allows Superman to pick up large objects that can then be used as projectiles to be hurled at distant enemies or as melee weapons. With a single button press players are able to take to the skies, where they are free to roam at will. Radar, under the guise of super hearing, is provided to guide players toward specific objectives and to provide navigational assistance while moving about the city of Metropolis, either on foot or in the air. When engaged in combat, players can unleash a flurry of punches, or perform one of a handful of powerful attacks. In addition to the numerous Inter-Bot enemies that stand in the way, players will square off against recognizable villains from the show, such as Metallo, Livewire, and Parasite. Cut-scenes detailing the interactions between friends and foe are interspersed throughout the adventure, and make use of the voice talents from the cartoon series itself. Additional features that can be unlocked include character profiles and a picture and movie viewer. Players can also elect to play any previously completed level if desired.

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Superman: Shadow of Apokolips

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