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Inspired by the March 2007 CGI film, TMNT takes the fearsome foursome through a series of acrobatic battles amidst the dark and gritty streets, sewers, subways, and rooftops of New York City. To faithfully capture each turtle's signature fighting moves and athletic prowess, developer Ubisoft Montreal designed the game with the same "Jade" graphics engine used in the acclaimed Prince of Persia series on home consoles. The heroes in a half-shell will confront enemies new and old, including the Foot Clan, the Purple Dragon Street Gang, and monstrous creatures loyal to the film's antagonist, Max Winters. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo are all playable, despite the combat-oriented action being strictly reserved for solo gamers. Each character offers an assortment of attacks using his trademarked weapon, from Raphael's Sai throw to Michelangelo's nunchuck face slap, and can block or evade impending blows. Navigating each level involves jumping from rooftop to rooftop, climbing buildings, diving into sewers, and more, with new areas unlocked by performing temporary tag-team moves with a computer-controlled character. TMNT is the first game in the franchise to be published by Ubisoft, who acquired the license from Konami in January 2006.

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