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Based on the FOX animated series, Ultimate Muscle follows the intergalactic exploits of Kid Muscle and his zany Muscle League friends as they compete in a series of wrestling matches against their older predecessors, the Legends, to determine which group is the strongest. In all, 20 characters are available to play as or against in Story, Versus, and Tournament modes. Players can also collect miniature versions of Muscle League characters in the Toy Mode, and design up to 40 custom wrestlers using a variety of selected parts in the Create Mode. Story Mode consists of individual matches against a series of computer opponents; Versus has up to four players battling it out in single, tag team, or battle royal matches; while Tournament supports up to eight teams and 16 characters in a round-robin format. Moves are designed to mimic those found in the television series, so players can expect to be propelled high into the air, trigger massive explosions after body slams, and more. Each wrestler also has five trademark maneuvers, such as Kid Muscle's devastating Alphabet Soup da Loop. Cel-shaded graphics help re-create the show's visual style, while each character in the game is voiced by the actors from the television series. Adding to the mayhem are random items that appear within the ring, thrown by a partner, that can help or hinder the wrestler who grabs them. Bombs, lightning bolts, and claw traps are obviously dangerous, while gold and silver masks, food, and character-specific items can help increase attributes. Players also win KIN medals with each victory, to use in special vending machines within the Toy Mode. By collecting the 444 toy characters, players can unlock hidden wrestlers. Statistics, created wrestlers, and progress can all be saved to memory card, and players can also swap custom characters with a friend using the built-in Character Exchange option.

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Ultimate Muscle:
Legends vs. New Generation

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