Wave Race: Blue Storm Gamecube

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Wave Race: Blue Storm

The eight courses whisk you through the world's aquatic wonderspots. Shatter gondolas and terrify tourists in the Venice-inspired La Razza Canal. Bear right by polar bears and rapidly crumbling icebergs in Arctic Bay. Each rider is rated for acceleration top speed maneuvering stunt skill and strength. Nature will challenge you with glaring sun shadowy moonlight blinding fog rain clouds wind snow and more. Wave Race: Blue Storm's fully interactive environments mean that in a big storm you may have to cope with both huge waves and crates tumbling from a freighter. Take on all comers and unlock new tracks in single-player Championship Mode. In Free Roam Mode you can scout the waterscapes and discover shortcuts without having to worry about a clock buoys or rival riders. In Stunt Mode your dual challenge is to race through a course as quickly as possible while completing jaw-dropping backflips can-cans nac-nacs heel clickers barrel rolls and more.


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