3rd Birthday Playstation Portable PSP

The 3rd Birthday is a noir shooter adventure for grown-up gamers, from leading Japanese publisher Square-Enix. Players blast gruesome enemies in third-person shooter combat, as they follow a psychological thriller plotline through survival-horror settings. In surreal situations, too delicate for a run-and-gun approach, proper use of cover (and a few well-thrown grenades) can mean the difference between success and failure. The game's title refers not to an anniversary date, but to actual third "birth" of the main character: Aya Brea. Beginning a new chapter in the Parasite Eve series, The 3rd Birthday sends the gifted New York City detective back through time to awaken in the past with a versatile new talent. She finds herself in a devastated city, under attack from an alien presence known as "the Twisted." In addition to her skills with conventional weapons, Aya's main supernatural power in the game, known as Overload, is the body-swapping ability to take possession of other characters she encounters. She gains the strengths and skills of the people she possesses, and may remain in their bodies for as long as they can survive. For desperate situations, the game also features a "Liberation" mode, which can be triggered when a damage meter is filled. Speed increases greatly and damage-per-second soars.

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3rd Birthday


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