720 - [Game Boy Color] – Used

Welcome to Skate City, a skater's paradise. A city filled with skate obstacles ranging from ramps and water hazards to pedestrians and cars you can jump over. Your mission if you decide to accept, is to make your way through the game's four levels by earning points, medals, money and skatepark tickets. The medals earn points, the more points the more tickets, the more tickets the more skateparks you get to skate. 720 features 4 skateparks; the ramp, the downhill, the slalom and the jump park. The better you perform in the skateparks and on the streets of Skate City, the more money you earn. Earned money can be used to buy equipment upgrades, which improve the performance of the skater. At its core, 720 is a race against the clock. You have only so much time to get your skater across the city to the next park before the "Skate or Die" chant echoes and a swarm of wild bees is unleashed to stop you in your tracks. Originally released in arcades in 1986, 720 is now on your Color Game Boy.

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720 - [Game Boy Color]

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