Backbreaker [Xbox 360]

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Backbreaker is an arcade-style American football game played with fictitious teams. Choose from over 60 teams or create a custom squad by selecting a helmet logo and uniform colors. You can then compete in a full 11-on-11 game against the computer or a friend. What distinguishes Backbreaker from other sports titles is its focus on the on-field dynamics. Powered by NaturalMotion's Euphoria engine, athletes on the field will rely on real-time, physics-based motions instead of scripted animation sequences. The result, the developers hope, will be a more fluid looking game on both sides of the ball. The presentation is also distinctive, with a camera that stays low to the field while following active players. Those new to football games will be able to rely on various AI assists and visual cues, such as a glowing red football, so they can read and react to the action more easily. Experienced players can switch these options off simply by toggling the "pro mode" control scheme. The game includes a customizable season mode complete with drafts, trades, and free agent signings. Head-to-head multiplayer support is also available in a choice of online or split-screen formats. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide


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