Black Bass Lure Fishing - [Game Boy Color] – Used

In this color remake of 1991's Black Bass Lure Fishing for the original Game Boy, you'll compete in a fishing tournament against 99 fellow anglers in three different classes. Your goal is to rise through the ranks to become the top fisherman by catching as many fish as you can to raise your weight totals above those of your competition. You'll have twelve days to finish within the top five at the end of the day (tournament hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.). Start the tournament on the fictional Clear Lake until you're able to fish on the more challenging Storm Lake. Choose a lure (Shadow Runner, Spinner Bait, Worm, Spinner, Spoon, Popper, Pencil Bait, or Frog lure), select a spot on the lake using an overhead map, and cast the line using a vertical meter to determine distance while aiming with the directional pad. After the lure is cast, the screen changes to a "fish eye" view beneath the surface where you'll encounter black bass, rainbow trout, northern pike, and catfish. Move the lure with the directional pad while reeling in the line by pressing the "A" button. Resume tournament standings through a password available at the menu screen. Keep in mind that if you decide to quit before the current day is finished, you'll have to continue on the following day.

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Black Bass Lure Fishing

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