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The fourth game in Hudson Soft's fighting franchise, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury makes its Nintendo platform debut with new play modes, six new stages, two additional characters, and enhanced visuals. Known as Zoanthropes, each combatant has the ability to transform into a beast during a bout. Among the animal alter egos are a rabbit, leopard, tiger, chameleon, bat, wolf, mole, and more. Twelve characters are initially playable, with four more waiting to be unlocked. By inflicting damage (and to a lesser degree, receiving damage) fighters build energy in a Beast Meter, which controls the length of time they can stay in beast mode. Energy is depleted by performing special attacks or by taking damage. Once the meter is emptied, the fighter will return to his or her human state. Appearance aside, the most significant benefit of changing forms is the ability to attack with more damage and to use special combo moves. Modes of play include Training, Arcade, Time Attack, Survival, and Team Battle, while two players can square off in either Versus or Vs. Team Battle modes. Many of the 3D stages feature destructible walls and floors, at which point the fighting will continue in an entirely new area of the stage. Hidden beasts include an elephant, phoenix, and an iron mole, which are earned by playing through the different modes.

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Bloody Roar: Primal Fury

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