Charlie's Angels - [GameCube] – Used

Grab your favorite analog stick and strap in for some high-heeled butt-kicking. The action series that inspired the term "jiggle TV" in the 1970s also inspired a successful feature film released in 2000. That first film is the basis for the 2003 sequel, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, as well as this 128-bit generation cross-platform release from Ubi Soft. Players can take control of any of the three Angels -- Dylan, Natalie, or Alex -- and switch between them at any time during play. All three game characters are based directly on the actresses who play them in the movies (+Drew Barrymore, +Cameron Diaz, and +Lucy Liu). The action-oriented adventure leads the undercover crime-fighters through locations in Mexico, Alaska, California, Scotland, and elsewhere, as they follow the trail of an evil genius who schemes to steal important landmarks from around the world. The Angels' advanced martial arts training is put to the test, as they face off against more than 30 different types of enemies.

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Charlie's Angels

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