CUBIX: Robots for Everyone -- Showdown - [GameCube] – Used

Based on the computer animated television series where humans and robots coexist, CUBIX: Robots for Everyone -- Showdown finds the evil Dr. K tampering with the robot populace all throughout the colorful city of Bubble Town. Since these "Bad Bots" are threatening the environment, Connor, Abby, Chip, Hela, and the rest of the gang must defeat them to stop the madness once and for all. Three modes of play include Story, Battle, and Puzzle. Taking control of the friendly robot CUBIX, who has the power to transform into six different vehicles, as well as the rest of the "Bottie" team, players battle the rival robots in a turn-based format. A victory adds the robot to the roster for use in future battles. Two players can also pit their robots against each other in various multiplayer events. Five mini-games are also available, including a slider puzzle, and a total of 25 robots can be collected throughout Story mode.

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CUBIX: Robots for Everyone

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