Druid - Nature’s Defender

Druids are not regular nature-loving beings. They have great powers and use the power given to them in various ways. They are shape shifters that can fill in any role as a spell casting damage dealer or healer, a tank or a melee damage dealer. The Druid can only be chosen by Tauren and Night Elf players.

They are capable to transform into a Bear or Dire Bear form which increases both hit points and armor and gives them some nice tanking abilities which can be used with the use of Rage which on its turn can be gained by dealing and receiving damage. They will receive several abilities that create a high amount of threat. The nice thing about a Druid tank is that they are capable to still do great amounts of damage compared to in example a Warrior tank.

If needed the Druids can also transform into Cat form which makes a Tauren change into a Lion, and a Night Elf into a Panther. In this form their attacks can be used with the use of Energy. In Cat form they receive some nice damaging abilities and their way of fighting can be compared to the Rogue’s fighting system, including combo points and finishing moves. Both the Bear and Cat form are boosted if one spends talents in the Feral talent tree of the Druid.

Melee damage is not the only type of damage a Druid can do. He also can be a great spell caster using both Nature and Arcane based spells. The Balance talent tree should be followed if you want to be a powerful spell casting damage dealer. In this talent tree, you will also be able to place a talent into the Moonkin and Improved Moonkin form. When this talent is chosen, the Druid can transform into a Moonkin, a big creature of the night, famous for his Britney Spears’ dance J. This form not only looks nice but also gives the player some nice boosts like a Spell Critical Strike Bonus, Armor, Haste Rating and bonus Spellpower. Most of these bonuses also apply on party members which makes a Moonkin a great addition to each group and raid.

Then there are the Restoration Druids. The Restoration Druids are great healers and have the most Heal over Time (HoT) spells available of all healer classes. They also have several instant heals (panic buttons). The Resto Druid focuses on healing and should max out the Restoration Talent tree. At some point one will be able to choose a form called Tree of Life. In this Form he will give a bonus to all healing done on targets in a group or raid. All HoTs can be cast at reduced costs in this form and also the power of the healing spells will be increased. He will also receive some bonus armor.

Then there are the Traveling Form and Sea Lion Form that can be obtained at lower levels. These Forms increase the run and swim speed of the Druid which is very nice for leveling and even handy when the level cap is hit. Lastly there is the Flight Form which instantly transforms the Druid into a flying bird. Nice about this is that this form can be obtained at level 68.

The advantage of a playing a Druid is that you can change your build when you get bored with one and turn your tank into a healer and back etc. whenever you like. You will not get bored easily with this character. Even as a DPS Druid you can still switch forms to heal or resurrect somebody with your combat rez. The disadvantage of Druid might also be his advantage. Being capable to do so many things might be the reason that he doesn’t excel at something like tanking, like a Warrior does, or healing like a Priest.

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