Exit Playstation Portable PSP

As the title suggests, the goal of this action-puzzle game is to get out of it, again and again, as quickly and safely as possible. In each level, players take control of Mr. ESC, a character whose specialty is leading hapless citizens out of confining situations. Each level presents a different room in a burning building, with poor people waiting to be rescued. Players take control of Mr. ESC, who can manipulate objects and use ladders, ropes, and other such tools, to clear a path to the "Exit" in each room (not completely unlike an updated take on the classic Lemmings games). The look of Exit suggests a sophisticated, cut-paper collage, with colorful, silhouetted characters and objects. Exit was developed and published in Japan by Taito, then localized and released in North America by Ubisoft.

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Exit Playstation Portable PSP


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