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Geist (the German word for ghost) is a first-person action game starring a "Spectral Operative" or spirit looking to inhabit various bodies lurking within a mysterious compound. In order to learn more about this facility, players must seek out over 12 character types to possess before interacting with the environment. Once players assume a body, they will be able to use whatever weapons, items, skills, or memories a character possesses to help complete objectives or to solve puzzles. Both humans and animals can be used as potential hosts, allowing players to access areas otherwise unavailable. Each character also views the world in a different way, whether it's a mouse scurrying along the concrete floor or a soldier guarding the entrance to a laboratory. Other spirits are also part of the environment, and many aren't warm to the idea of a foreigner floating into their realm. Fortunately for players, the lead character will be able to acquire its rival apparitions' energies to become more powerful over time. While moving through the hallways, chambers, and secret labs in spirit form, players will be able to glide through cracks, interfere with electronic equipment, move objects, and remain undetected by mortals. Geist also features an assortment of multiplayer modes allowing up to four players to tap into their inner banshee and wreak havoc as a specter or as a possessed being from the world of the living. A GameCube exclusive, Geist was developed by n-Space, whose previous credits include Duke Nukem: Time to Kill and Die Hard Trilogy 2.

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