Microsoft Kinect Sensor

Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. Easy to use and instantly fun, Kinect gets everyone off the couch. Moving, laughing and cheering. See a ball? Kick it. Want to join a friend in the fun? Simply jump in. Imagine controlling movies and music with the wave of a hand or the sound of your voice. With Kinect, technology evaporates, letting the natural magic in all of us shine. And the best part is Kinect works with every Xbox 360.

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Microsoft Kinect Sensor

Kinect provides a whole new way to play -- no controller required. It uses a sensor to track your body movement and recognize your face, even listen to your voice. If you know how to move your hands, shake your hips, or speak, you and your friends will be able to jump instantly into any Kinect experience.

Full-body tracking allows the Kinect sensor to capture your movement, from head to toe, to give players a full-body gaming experience.

Kinect provides an in-game experience in which the player's face and voice are recognized; players simply step into view of the sensor to log into Xbox LIVE and connect with friends.

The Kinect experience is designed to get players moving, laughing, cheering and playing together.


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