Odama [With Microphone] - [GameCube] – Used

The development team behind the bizarre Seaman has come up with another unusual premise: a pinball title with the trappings of a strategy war game. The storyline follows General Yamanouchi Kagetori, who is waging a war against the tyrannical General Kendare, the man who killed Kagetori's father. While Kagetori only has 30 troops at his disposal, he has one secret weapon that could help even the odds: the Odama. The Odama is, in essence, a pinball that is used like a catapult to smash buildings, bowl over enemy units, alter the environment, and more. Yet the action involves more than ricocheting the ball into random targets. Players must guide the Odama so that Kagetori's troops can carry items to safety. The action takes place from an overhead perspective as tiny troops march across an assortment of battlefields. Odama is also notable for including the GameCube microphone, used to order Kagetori's soldiers to charge, retreat, defend, switch formations, and more.

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