Resistance 3 Playstation PS3

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Resistance 3

Set four years after the conclusion of its predecessor, Resistance 3 continues developer Insomniac Games' alternate-history shooting series exclusively on PlayStation 3. Included is a single-player campaign, a choice of local or online cooperative play with a friend, and a progression-based multiplayer component that supports up to 16 players. The time is August 1957. America has been lost to the invading Chimeran race, and the surviving remnants of humanity are now in hiding amidst the ruins and rubble. Players are cast in the role of disgraced soldier Joseph Capelli, who agrees to travel across the country for a last-ditch effort to deal one fateful blow to the enemy force. As Capelli makes his way from his home in Haven, Oklahoma, to New York City, he will encounter survivors willing to lend their support as well as a diverse selection of upgradeable weapons. You'll need to keep your wits about you as new Chimeran species attempt to track you down no matter where you go. The multiplayer component features battles across the globe as players take control of either the human resistance or Chimeran force in eight-versus-eight competitive matches. The more you play the multiplayer game, the more points you'll earn to spend on custom loadouts, added tactical abilities, and other customization features. Resistance 3 also includes support for the PlayStation Move, the Sharp Shooter gun attachment, and stereoscopic displays.


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