Star Ocean: Second Evolution Playstation Portable PSP

Star Ocean: Second Evolution tells the tale of two unlikely heroes, from two different worlds, whose adventuresome encounters with demons, ancient sorcery, and science fiction temper the fate of the known universe. As Star Ocean: First Departure remade the original Japanese Star Ocean game for PlayStation Portable, Second Evolution is a complete PSP-rebuild of Star Ocean: The Second Story, Enix's first North American release for the original PlayStation console. Beginning 20 years after the incidents of the first game, the son of a hero is mysteriously transported to a planet of magic, where he assumes the hopes of an ancient prophecy to bring Light to the land. The classically styled RPG is still played mostly from a third-person isometric perspective, but now features sharper graphics, animated movies, new character designs, voiced dialogue, and a widescreen presentation custom-made for the PSP screen. Built on the same engine that runs First Departure, the game's control scheme is also custom-designed for PSP.

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Star Ocean: Second Evolution


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