Tak: The Great Juju Challenge - [GameCube] – Used

The juju-powered young shaman faces more platform-puzzle challenges in his third console adventure, which pits him against fierce pan-tribal competition for championship of "The Great Juju Challenge." Tak can't win the contest all on his own, however, so he is joined by his burly buddy Lok in representing the Pupanunu tribe. Gameplay may be less directly combat-oriented than that of Tak's earlier adventures, with many levels demanding speed and finesse over brute force, but the opposition is a fierce as ever. Of special note are the game's cooperative challenges, specially designed for teamwork between Tak and Lok and well-suited for multiplayer play. Solo gamers can still go for the gold as well, however, by switching back and forth between the two playable Pupanunus as the situation warrants.

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Tak: The Great Juju Challenge

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