Air Conflicts: Aces Of World War II Playstation Portable PSP

With 13 campaigns and more than 240 different missions, Air Conflicts lets handheld gamers live the life of a WWII pilot. Missions take on a variety of historically accurate forms, including patrols, bombing raids, interdiction, paratrooper and supply deployment, and classic aerial battles. Players can pilot 16 authentic planes from the era, and go on missions for the U.S. Air Force, the British Royal Air Force, the German Luftwaffe, or the Russian Red Army Air Force. Successful missions result in realistic rank upgrades and medals, and those tired of going it alone can join up to seven friends for multiplayer dogfights.

Action, Adventure, Playstation Portable, Flight Simulator, Teen Rating, Sims, Simulation, Simulation, Flight, Air Combat, Game, Online
Air Conflicts: Aces Of World War II


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