The Eye of Judgment [PlayStation 3]

Reminiscent of the holographic chessboard on the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, The Eye of Judgment is a twist on classic card play found in such games as Magic and Pokémon. The game showcases three-dimensional characters fighting to the death on a three-by-three grid. By using the PlayStation Eye to scan the unique "cybercode" on the back of each card, players can watch their chosen creatures fight it out in onscreen environments that include lava, ice, and fire. To initiate a battle, gamers must gesture with their hand in front of the camera. The game view then shifts from the board to the actual environment the creatures are in and a duel begins. Throughout the game players will face such enemies as skeleton warriors, dragons, giant ships, goblins, war machines, and banshees. Although gamers begin with only 30 cards, 80 additional characters can be purchased. Players may battle alone offline or connect to the Internet and challenge other gamers all over the world. ~ Gracie Leach, All Game Guide

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The Eye of Judgment


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