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If you’re an avid gamer, like I am, you certainly hope every year to get a video game on New Year. You may know that your relatives aren’t as immersed in the videogame hobby as you do, so you know it’s more a happy thought than a reality. You may even get one of two video games, along with the socks and the sweater that your aunts and uncles gave you.

However, getting a video game console is something that normally goes beyond your wildest expectations. Unfortunately for me, that’s more the case of children. I had to buy my Wii console. My wife got me the Dinasty Warriors game for my Xbox 360 console, so it was still a video game New Year.

Regardless how you got your Wii console, you almost certainly want to spend at least part of you New Year enjoying your new games (either the ones that you got or the ones that you bought for yourself).

When your favorite video game console breaks down, it can be frustrating, but when you get a freezing Wii console on Christmas, it can be almost mortifying.

The worst part of getting a freezing Wii console on a major holiday is that repair shops will be closed, so you’ll have a bunch of new games that you can’t play. Telephone service from Nintendo might not be available in your area either.

But don’t worry; now you can fix your freezing Wii console yourself. It’s not really that complicated. In fact, it’s really simple.

The process is a bit different depending on the nature of the freezing Wii problem. It basically breaks into whether it freezes during game or during some part of the menu screen, which very frequently is the language selection screen.

If the Wii console freezes during gameplay, then try loading a different game. If it loads and plays ok, then the problem is with the game and you just need to change it for a new one. If it doesn’t, it’s the Wii console that has the problem.

Regardless of the nature of your freezing Wii problem, now you can fix it yourself on any day of the year. Wii Fix Guide will take you step by step through the process of fixing your Wii console, so that you can spend your holidays playing Mario Kart.

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