Get paid to play Video Games?

The video game industry is a $50 billion a year business, and is always seeking game testers, also known as beta game testers. Video games testers can get paid to test and play video games. These testers work from home around a schedule that they make up and let the game makers know about any mistakes that are in games that are not yet released to the public. Games, especially new games or games that have received major updates, often have mistakes or bugs, and it's essential to the industry that these mistakes be caught before the games hit the shelves at the store. After any bugs are identified, they are to be reported to the company so they can be fixed.

Game testers are also permitted to keep the video games they test, making this a fantastic way to get paid to play video games and acquire them as well. This is a great way to get into the gaming industry and start a career in the industry, especially with the connections they make getting to know gaming programmers. Game testers have access to cheat codes, level secrets and developer codes to which only testers have access. Some of the requirements one must have to become a game tester are being over the age of 15, owning a computer suitable for gaming or a console such as Xbox or Playstation and a love of video games.

To get started in the game testing industry, it's important to have a great resume and a game testing facility nearby. It's also crucial to know exactly whom to contact at the company. Some of the companies that hire game testers are Activision Blizzard, Atari, Disney Interactive Studios, Capcom, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, LucasArts, Nintendo, Playlogic Entertainment, Warner Brothers Interactive, and many others. These companies do not place classified ads seeking game testers. Those who wish to enter the field must present themselves to a contact at the company in a professional manner and not be shy about how many games are owned and how much they are played. Those who test video games are in high demand, but this is a job that is one of the most sought after as well. It's a fun job and those who are lucky enough to test video games get paid very well to do so.

Game testing is a part of quality assurance and is a serious job, with assignments and deadlines, so it's important to leave the "hobby" mentality and enter into career mode. It is important to be good at playing video games, have a good eye for small details, and be a very organized person. It's also essential to be an articulate writer and have a good grasp of computers. Being able to take criticism is a good skill to acquire, because if bugs have been missed, this will be solely the fault of the tester. Gaming companies want their games to have no errors from start to finish. Advanced training isn't generally required.

For those who love video games but do not have a programming or other degree, becoming a tester for video games is a terrific way to get a foot in the door of this industry. It's not always easy to land that first job and those just starting out will probably make $10 an hour, but those with a passion for gaming can start out making $10 an hour and end up earning high salaries in no time. After receiving compensation for the first job, it's important not to stop there, but to keep making contacts so as to move up the gaming ladder, turning a passion and a hobby into a lucrative career.

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