How can I Gain from Empire & Allies Secrets?

The latest game on Facebook launched by Zynga, Empire & Allies, had been described by game analysts and experts as CitiVille meeting Risk meeting Advance Wars. It is a turn-based strategy game. In this intriguing game, you’ve to build a powerful fighting force of army, air, and sea units and manage this units to overcome the ‘Dark Alliance’ You’ve to marshal your resources with keen insight and wisdom to generate adequate funds to build this powerful force. I am individual with relatively higher knowledge in the latest generation of all the social networking website games like CityVille, FarmVille, FrontierVille, PyramidVille, Monster Galaxy, Army Attack, Zuma Blitz, Bubble Saga, etc.

Hence, I was surprised when guides to play Empire & Allies started cropping up widely on the Internet. People are going to need guides to play games like Mafia Wars and CityVille but Empire & Allies? I was really startled. That was the time when I had not looked into this new game and naturally assumed that it is going to be quite easy to play this game. Still, I felt that I should personally try my hand at this game before I start talking about it.

Believe me; I was in for a huge surprise. Within a very short time, I ran out of coins and cash. I was not able to utilize my resources or construct buildings. Grudgingly, I admitted that there was more to this game than what I had anticipated. Even though I was able to get out of the hole into which I had landed, I was still not making much progress. That is when I decided to take a look at these Internet guides on Empire & Allies. I took a look at several guides but the one that impressed me most was Empire & Allies Secrets guide authored by Tony ‘T Dub’ Sanders. Now, I find myself as a big success story on Facebook. You can also repeat this with this terrific guide.

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